2 Months and 32Lbs Later…

Diet and nutrition

The title of this post probably spoils the suspence… cool

My friends down at Splash Photography hooked me up once again with this months' photo progress report.  Despite deviating a little farther off course than I expected over Easter weekend, I'm happy to say that I dropped another 12 lbs this month, and 32lbs total since January 23rd.  On April 1st I tipped the scales at 192.  I'm kicking myself for not getting my %body fat tested before beginning this journey because I know my actual fat loss is greater than 32 lbs. 

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Easter Weekend Finds Troubled Waters


I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy four days off from work over the Easter weekend.  It gave me the opportunity to sneak out with my boys Thursday morning in search of some fresh, wild fish for the freezer before heading over to Canada for some quality time with my in-laws.

Being Easter weekend, I assumed that I'd be partaking in some nutritional off-roading given my affection for buffet style Easter brunch…and CHOCOLATE!

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“Eating Paleo” Infographic

prehistoric cave paintings

If you're like me, you believe heavily in the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Which means that you'll also enjoy the following infographic explaining how to eat paleo.  Lots of pictures, for those of us who are visual learners…Enjoy! [Read more...]

Good Bye 38′s…

Measuring waste line

It's been around 5 years since I've worn my 36" dress pants at work.  I've been saving them based on the chance that one day I might be able to use them again. 

Well…today was that day!

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A Pirate Looks at Forty…Plus a Month


Yes…I'm a die hard parrot head…and proud of it!  Plus, many of Jimmy's song titles go well with the theme of this blog so I'll scatter those about in the months to come.

I started my voyage the morning after my 40th birthday. 

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Setting Sail…Breaking My Sugar Cravings and Starting a Paleo Diet

setting sail

During the time I lived in Colorado I had, on several occasions, the unique opportunity to listen to Dr. Loren Cordain, Phd speak at various nutrition seminars.  Dr. Cordain is considered one of the worlds foremost authorities on ancestral and paleolithic diets.  He is a researcher from Colorado State University and he has published over 50 research studies pertaining to paleolithic diets and their affect on human physiology.

For years, I've considered it the best diet that the average person could be on to improve their overall health.  The only problem was [Read more...]

Man Boobs, a Muffin Top and Invictus


In my mind I still possess all of the athletic capabilities that I had in my early twenties…the period of my life I've come to refer to as my "prime" years.  One look in the mirror at the beginning of this year told a much different story though.  Over the years I had successful transitioned from 32" pants to 34" then to 36" to the point where I sat at the new year…38" pants.   [Read more...]

Charting a Course, Planning the Voyage

aged treasure map, ruler, rope and old brass compass still life

The voyage begins…

Sometimes you come to a point in your life where you realize that it's time to do what you know in your heart you should have been doing all along.   A time where you have to throw all of your excuses away.  A time to step up and take responsibility for your actions.  A time when you realize that you, and you alone are responsible for how you choose to live your life.  There's no way around it…you realize you can't keep making excuses …it's time to change. [Read more...]